WordPress is simple

The simplicity of the process made WordPress one of the go-to content management platforms in the world. It is just too easy to setup and gets the ball rolling. You can install WordPress manually with the help of its 5-minute installation process. You may also use automatic installation provided by your host to install WordPress with a single click.

Once you browse the admin area for some time, you will have a basic understanding of how you publish content on the WordPress platform. The availability of a WordPress visual editor, as well as a WordPress theme and drag-and-drop page builder, means that anyone can create a professional looking website without any HTML knowledge whatsoever.

Then why you need WordPress support services?

While setting up the website is easy, maintaining a WordPress website can be a daunting task, especially if you are not a tech savvy person. Even if you have the proper technical skills, you may not want to allocate an hour a day to manage your WordPress website. Without the need to maintain WordPress, you can focus on generating great content and growing your online business.

WordPress support services can help you in many ways. Some of the common benefits of using the service are:

  • Analytics: Track the traffic on your page and receive insights to improve.
  • Performance: Optimize the speed and performance of your website.
  • Security: Protect your website from malware and hackers.
  • Update: Update your core WordPress themes as well as the plugins without affecting site performance.
  • Up-time monitoring: Always keep your WordPress website up and running.

Let’s discuss some of these points in more detail that allow you to have a better understanding of the process and the need for WordPress support.

What does the maintenance of a WordPress Website involve?

Although there are many products and services that can help you maintain your WordPress website, you still need to spend time to make sure everything goes smoothly as mentioned above.

Monitoring Up-time

If your website goes offline, your business will lose traffic and sales. Therefore, you want to be notified immediately of any downtime. There are many website monitoring services available online that will notify you when your website is offline so that you can investigate errors on your website as soon as possible.

Updating Software

In terms of updates, WordPress is always ahead in the market. The platform supports automatic background updates, so minor and major core updates can be processed in the background. Keeping WordPress up to date is one of the easiest management tasks for WordPress users, but it is also one of the most important ones.

Backup and Restoring

Don’t be complacent and assume there will be no problems with your website. It can and will. Even experienced WordPress website owners need to maintain an external backup to restore their website from time to time. Back up your website regularly to ensure that no problems occur and that all data is not lost.


WordPress websites are often threatened by hackers who want to steal information or install malware on your website. Failure to pro-act and secure data of your website increases the risk of attack and data loss.

Enhancing Website Performance

A slow-loading website is annoying for users and site speed is also a ranking factor. So, poor performance can affect your search engine rankings and reduce the natural traffic your site receives. Therefore, you must optimize your WordPress website for faster loading.

Spam Protection

Spam is a major problem for all websites. Even if you disable registration in WordPress, apply strict commenting policies, and use the excellent anti-spam WordPress plugin, many spam messages will still pass through. Spam cleaning is a boring task, but unfortunately, this needs to be done on a regular basis.

Regular Monitoring and Checks

Things can go wrong at any moment. Even if your WordPress website is set up and optimized properly, you still need to check your website regularly to make sure everything is working properly.

Every WordPress support service is unique. Before hiring a professional developer or WordPress support, double-check that they provide the right service to meet your needs.

Are you looking for the best 24/7 WordPress support service?

A WordPress support and maintenance service provider like WPressDev can help you manage your WordPress website, help with monitoring and updating the WordPress core, themes and plugins, taking scheduled backups, performance optimization, and much more.

Sometimes asking for help can be tricky. Therefore, before seeking help you should take some time to determine what specific issues your WordPress site is facing. This allows you to determine the type of support that best meets your needs.

At WPressDev you will get all the above services with the best efficiency, quality, and professionalism. We will help your business grow by keeping your website flawless, smooth, fast, and superior.

We will do monthly edits / tweaks, any bug fixes, modifications, back up your website data regularly, help to migrate your website to suitable hosts, monitor the speed of your website, perform timely updates and ensuring plugin compatibility, prevent hacker attacks, make your site optimized to the best standard, assist you in Google Analytics integration, website redesign, and much more.

While working with you, we will help you identify areas on your website that can be further optimized or improved. We actively manage and optimize your website plugins and WordPress up-to-date to improve performance, add content, and enhance your SEO.

The take away

WordPress maintenance is essential for the successful completion of the daily operations of a business driven by WordPress.

When you choose one of our WordPress Support Plans, you can be rest assured that your website content and WordPress will stay up to date, and you will have complete WordPress support to rely on. So you will have more time focusing on things like growing your business.

Imagine the benefits of having your own expert WordPress Manager. Whether you want to secure your site or are looking for enhanced WordPress maintenance services, or want to grow your business and increase your visibility, you need WordPress support services to grow your business.

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